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A brief overview of Microsoft Office 365
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Difference between Office 2016 and Office 365
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Office 365 FREE for Helderberg College students
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What is Google Drive & how to install?
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Google Drive versus Dropbox
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How to share files with Google Drive?
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Viruses, Worms and Trojans - What are they and the difference?
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Phishing & Cybercrime: Are you the victim of identity theft?
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RansomeWare and the worst ever recorded attack on computers around the world
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Online Education is the BEST means of defense!
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Learn to Backup, and remember these tips!
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Which is the best Antivirus and defense software for my computer?
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Two-Step Verification to help stop identity theft
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Various forms relating to Staff Leave
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Those requiring requisitions and payment requests click the link above.
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Various application forms for current students
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Referencing Guide
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General TITLE PAGE template used for assignments
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Changing your Internet, Computer Lab, Moodle or HBC Email password
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SMP password change or reset
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How to reset or change your Turnitin password
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The basics of connecting to your Wifi at home or any other hotspot.
Top 10 guide to better home Wifi security
A comparison of Fibre, ADSL and Mobile ISP's, and overall quality in 2017
Understanding what a network switch is, and how it can help you on your home network.
How does wireless internet function?
Need to know your IP address on your computer at home?
Software to help you write like a professional
Helping you type, clear, effective, and mistake-free.
Great tools for better blogging and writing.
Looking to create a website for free or paid?
No matter if you are good or bad writer, some tips to help.
Tips for social media managers
SA's Apple store and support site
Paid and free options
What happens if you can't login or download apps?
A breakdown of various options
Consider switching to a Mac, or a PC....
How to launch apps and navigate your Apple Mac
Doesn't Mac already have protection?
Your responsibilities while using College facilities & network
The rights of users relating to the Helderberg College Computer & Electronic Policy
Policy governing College Staff laptop acquisition
Information Technology Policy of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists
Various policies governing the Helderberg College campus, students and staff
Password criteria of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division
Choosing the best computer for your needs.
Excellent computer store for online purchases & delivery.
If you wish to be secure online, you must create complicated passwords
Virtual Private Networks to enhance your security while surfing the web.
Guides, help, tips, and various articles on PC
Password criteria of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

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